Disaster Recovery and Online Backup

At Elston Technology Services, LLC, our goal is to quickly identify and evaluate the problem, then find the optimal solution to get your business back on track. In times of crisis, you can count on us to provide the support needed to stabilize your business and make the right decisions. We have a proven track record of helping companies navigate through and overcome significantly troubled situations.


Disaster Recovery

What happens to your business when your server won’t boot up? When you have a power failure? When your “backup” is corrupted and unusable?

One in two companies will experience a data loss incident this year1. It can happen to anyone (just ask Pixar). And if your business depends on your data, that loss can mean the inability to operate, failure to deliver a service or project, and, ultimately, customers abandoning your company for your competition.

Data backups alone won’t save you. You need a comprehensive disaster recovery solution.

Our solution doesn’t just house your data in a locked-tight, safe environment built on industry-leading technologies. It also mirrors your current server so it can be tested and brought up whenever you need it. We consult with you to design a disaster recovery plan specifically for your business that will ensure that you’re ready if disaster strikes. We fully test every client’s solution to demonstrate exactly what would happen in the event of a disaster. This means that your business is guaranteed to be back up and running as if nothing ever happened in about four hours.
1According to leading international technology news organization TechRadar.

Virtual Servers

Would you breathe easier knowing that your data was stored securely in an industry-leading, continually-monitored location? Knowing that you wouldn’t have to pay a specialized IT staff or purchase expensive servers in multiple physical locations to make that happen?

With our Virtual Server solutions, your mind is free from worry and your time is free to manage your business.

We implement VMware’s virtualization software, creating top-notch virtual machines that have assigned storage, CPU, memory, and network bandwidth, using NetApp filers, run by Cisco servers. We manage, monitor, and maintain your system for you. So you can sit back, relax, and have confidence that your business is safe and secure.

You get a lot with our virtual servers. High availability and performance mean reliable access to your critical data and applications. A proven platform housed in a facility with world-class physical, bio-metric, and network security measures means security and stability. Scalability and agility mean a platform that grows with you and scales as your needs change. Nightly server back-up means protection in the event of a disaster at your location(s).

We will astound you...

This isn’t your average cloud data storage and backup company. We do things differently, from the world-class technology we use to our commitment to astound our clients with the service they receive.

We take companies from being vulnerable to security breaches and data loss to being confident that their data is completely safe and secure no matter what may come their way. Our clients know that no matter what happens, they’ll be fully operational with all their data restored within a matter of hours.

At world-class data center facilities, we implement industry-leading platforms such as VMwareNetApp, and Cisco so that our clients can focus on managing their businesses, leaving the worry and stress of managing technology behind.

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Our benefits at a glance:

  • Analysis of the current situation and the need for action
  • Analysis of process-relevant channels and potential sources of problems
  • For ANY size company
  • Full and complete recovery quickly and effectively
  • Peace of Mind
  • Security
  • Ensure Availability
  • Tier 3, Class 1 Data Centers
  • Complete Failover Protection
  • 24/7/365 Support

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