We offer management consultant services and solutions to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

Cloud Computing and Infrastructure


The Future of Business Technology!

Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, Elston Technology Services, LLC., offers full scalability on every level that is custom tailored to your company's needs and will help you navigate safely and successfully into your corporate future.  Elston can help your company save significant operational costs, increase mobility, security, and much more!


Disaster Recovery and Online Backup


There are risks involved in any business. Elston Technology Services LLC., will provide you with extensive advice and rock solid solutions on how to be prepared for any crisis, large or small. From singular file recovery to complete corporation restoration in minutes, not days. We can provide the security and peace of mind that your company infrastructure is protected.  Find out more about keeping your business up and running when bad situations happen - Your critical data SAFE and SECURE, no matter what!

Telcom Equipment and Services


From data to voice and everything in between, communication systems are the heart and soul of your company's operations and finding the most reliable and effective service platform at the lowest available cost is a major key to your success.  Find out how Elston Technology Services, LLC., can help you reach your full potential while saving significant costs with the leading Telcom service providers around the world.

Commercial Energy


Elston can show you how to SAVE MONEY and even EARN money in a wide variety of utility and energy programs that are designed to improve your business bottom line by decreasing costs and increasing savings!  We offer the following:



  • Electrifying Solar Savings Only For Commercial & Residential Property Owners
  • Electricity Savings Technology
  • Electricity and Natural Gas Technology Saves 15-20% Without Capital Expense 
  • Refunds And Credits On Electricity And Natural Gas Bills
  • Refunds And Credits On Commercial Leases
  • Waste Removal and Recycling
  • Water Savings Technology
  • Water Recovery And Reuse
  • And much more!

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